“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on publicity”

- Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder

Airline Radio Networks

Delta Airlines Flies Quarter of a Million People a Day

Donald Trump - The Trump Organization

Leeza Gibbons - TV Personality

Sugar Ray Leonard - Boxing Legend

Sarah Palin - Former Alaska Governor

Anne Sweeney - Walt Disney Co-Chairman

Madeleine Albright - Former Secretary of State

Rick Perry - Texas Governor

Steve Forbes - Forbes Magazine

Dr. Zein Obagi, World Renowned Revolutionary on Skin Health
The Definition of a Modern Knight: Sir Dr. Zein Obagi

DNA Associates President, David Litell, Interviewed on American Airlines about Cognition Ignition Integrating the Latest Technology and Science.
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and The Superwise Me Love Foundation

Airline Magazines

The Various Airline's Radio Report provides its audience with insights into current topics and issues presented by industry leaders. The interviews are both provocative and informative. Get to know the professionals; you’ll be glad that you did.”

- Business Wire

"We are very excited at The Carter Center about our series of shows on the different airlines, discussing topical issues of peace and health worldwide. In addition, we have a corps of eminent persons and partner organizations that worked closely with the Center, and have provided us with a variety of sources – many with name recognition – to help put together the shows in a way that keep listeners tuned."

- The Carter Center

"The radio shows provides an ideal program for our needs. Our target audience includes the CEOs and CFOs that make budget decisions concerning corporate travel. We want them to look at the long-term benefits of face-to-face interaction for their employees and their companies. The airplane is the one place where we have a few uninterrupted minutes of their time."

- Convention Industry Council

"I present to you my colleague Adrienne Papp: fellow editor, feature writer, interviewer and traveler. She is a gifted and intelligent person who has journeyed far and experienced much of this world and can write about in words that echo in the heart.". (Click to Continue)

- Chrystopher J. Spicer

“Australian Professor of English; Author of The Clark Gable Biography;
Author of The Story of the Windsor Hotel and The Encyclopedia of Melbourne”

“Adrienne Papp is a prominent LA-based Economist/MBA, whose public relations and marketing/business development expertise have turned numerous start-up companies into successful business enterprises. When not building corporations, Adrienne is busy hob-knobbing with the rich and famous in Beverly Hills.”

- The Beverly Hills Times

"Her marketing efforts results in recurring international sales... her professionalism, productivity and sheer enthusiasm was exemplary."

- Klaus Ahrenkilde, Chairman and President Ak Business Electronics A/S

Hello Dame Adrienne "I checked out your web pages. Stunning work! Now I understand what you mean by a style of promoting people, business or enterprise."

- Sir Robert Keller

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